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Looking for your own business number?

Looking for your own business number?

Many entrepreneurs who register with the Chamber of Commerce and therefore start their own business use their own mobile number as Business telephone number. However, this is not so smart to do this. If you do this, there is a chance that your business and private life will become intertwined. It is important that you as an entrepreneur watch out for this, since the life of an entrepreneur is often very busy and hectic. Especially when you start as an entrepreneur, it is important that you think carefully about a telephone number. It is important to know that having your own Business number offers you more benefits than a mobile phone number.

Here is your phone number

Your own business number is not only important to reliable and come across as professional. Such a number is also important for all your promotional material that you use. You may even have your own stationery and envelopes. All these things often have a telephone number printed on them. When you start as an entrepreneur and have your mobile number printed on it, it is possible that you change your mind at a later time. Perhaps you will be called by all kinds of customers until late at night and during the weekends. When you're tired of this, you can't just request another phone number. After all, you also have to have all your promotional material and letters and envelopes adjusted and reprinted.

Your own Business number and suppliers

Having your own Business Number is not only important for your customers. The same applies to any suppliers. Sometimes it is necessary for a supplier to contact you. But when you are enjoying a day off on a lounger, you often do not expect to be harassed on your mobile number for this. In such a situation, your own Business number is therefore important. If you choose to use your mobile number for this and later decide to switch to a Business telephone number, there is a good chance that you will still be harassed on your mobile number.

In the cloud

You can use your own Business number in two different ways. You can do this using a fixed telephone line that uses a physical telephone exchange, or you can do this using VoIP telephony. With VoIP telephony do you use a Business VoIP telephone exchange located in the cloud. This makes it possible to connect to this telephone exchange anytime and anywhere. The only condition you need for this is a working internet connection. However, nowadays you can almost always and everywhere use such a working internet connection, so you can assume that this will not cause you any problems. Having your own Business number with a VoIP telephone exchange also makes it possible to save on your telephone costs. You do not have to pay connection costs or depreciation costs.

Why choose VoIP telephony?

More and more entrepreneurs are opting for VoIP telephony. This is because with the help of this type of telephony you can better organize your company. For example, you can effortlessly transfer an incoming call to another phone. You can also welcome customers by recording a welcome message. Are all lines busy when a customer contacts your company? Then this customer is automatically placed in the queue.

With the help of a mobile app you can call anywhere in the world with your own Business number, without having to sign up for this own mobile number need to use. Every caller is also informed every so often about their place in the queue and after a telephone call you can even let the caller hear a closing information message. Think of the messages you sometimes hear when you have been called by a telecom company, for example.

Own Business number using Flexamedia

Are you convinced after reading this article and are you interested in your own business number? Then we are happy to be there for you. At Flexamedia we combine the advantages of a Business number with calling via the cloud. Also when you want start as an entrepreneur and are curious about what we can do for you, we are happy to help you. Together with you we are working on a flying start your business!

You can contact us by e-mail, telephone or via the chat function on our website. We ensure that you can focus again on what really matters. Whether you work in services or construction, we are here for you.

All the benefits of a Business number at a glance

Having your own Business number has several advantages. This applies to when you have been working as an entrepreneur for a long time as well as when you plan to start as an entrepreneur. Below we have listed all the advantages for you:

  • More professionalism
  • More reliability
  • Keep work and private life separate
  • Only available when it suits you
  • Better organization possibilities within your company

So don't hesitate any longer and request your own Business Number today. You will see that you will only benefit from this. From now on, no more unnecessary phone calls during the weekend and during your vacation, but only when you are actually working.


Looking for your own business number?
Looking for your own business number?

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