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✓ Set up 3 devices & unlimited calling
✓ 100% installation assistance
✓ WhatsApp Business
✓ Call recordings
✓ Free transfer to 06
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✓ Queue function
✓ Can be canceled monthly
✓ Smartphone App (IOS/Android)

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✓ Set up 3 devices & unlimited calling
✓ 100% installation assistance
✓ WhatsApp Business
✓ Call recordings
✓ Free transfer to 06
✓ Selection menu
✓ Welcome message
✓ Closing time
✓ Queue function
✓ Can be canceled monthly
✓ Smartphone App (IOS/Android)

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Do you have your own company, a startup or a freelance network and are you looking for a professional way to be available to your customers? Then having your own business number is an essential step in building your professional image and the efficiency of your communication. At Flexamedia we understand the importance of reliable and easily recognizable business communication and we therefore offer you tailor-made solutions for your business telephony needs.​

Your own business number is not only an important indicator of professionalism, but also strengthens your brand identity. Customers and business partners associate a landline business number with reliability and accessibility. Especially for local entrepreneurs, choosing a number with the local area code can strengthen ties with the region and create customer confidence. This makes it easier for you to be found by potential customers in your city or village who prefer local collaborations.

In the Netherlands, each area has its own area code. These numbers determine the recognizability of the caller. Amsterdam, for example, uses the well-known area code 020, while Delft distinguishes itself with 015.​ Utrecht can be recognized by 030, The Hague 070, and so every city or village in the Netherlands has its own, unique area code that helps residents and companies to maintain the local character. As an organization that provides service to the whole of the Netherlands, Flexamedia is aware of the importance of covering all these cities and villages. and provide options for each local area code.​

Whether your company is located in a large city such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht or The Hague, or in a smaller village, Flexamedia ensures that your business number suits your company and your customer base. We help you choose the right area code that conveys the right message to your customers, and in addition to traditional landlines, we also offer modern VoIP solutions that offer flexibility and mobility.​

Opt for a professional appearance with your own business number that connects your company with customers from your region, city or village. Discover the possibilities for your company at Flexamedia and how we can help keep your communication smooth, recognizable and local. We are ready to advise and support you in realizing the ideal telecommunications structure for your organization

Why your own business number is indispensable for your company

In the world of entrepreneurship and business success, accessibility is crucial. Customers, partners and suppliers must always be able to reach you. Your own business number plays a key role in this. At Flexamedia we understand the importance of good telephony for your company. .​ With your own business number, we not only offer you a direct line to your customers, but also a professional appearance and better organization of your communications.​

Requesting your own number from Flexamedia means that you choose flexibility and professionalism. Whether you request a landline number, prefer a local number or prefer a national telephone number such as a 085 number; we have the solution for you. By using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) you can be reached anywhere, while you have all the functions of an online telephone exchange at your disposal.

In addition, your customers and relations often experience calling a landline telephone number as reliable and professional. This allows the use of a business number, such as a 06 number for your mobile phone or local numbers with associated area codes (such as 010 for Rotterdam or 020 for Amsterdam), an added value for the image of your company

Request your own landline telephone number within 1 working day

One of the major advantages of Flexamedia's services is that you can use your new business number within 1 working day. This means that you can act quickly and your company is not unnecessarily offline. Moreover, we completely take care of the technical aspect, so you can focus on your core activities

Would you like to increase your accessibility with a 085 number for a national appearance or do you opt for a local landline number to serve the local market? You can request any landline number you want from us. With our online telephone exchange you can easily and quickly determine your preferred settings, such as selection menus for multiple colleagues, music on hold or a voicemail.

To make it even more convenient for you, we offer number portability for your current landline number. This ensures a seamless transition and maintains recognizability for your customers. And everything is quickly arranged and easy to manage via a handy mobile app .​

The benefits of VoIP for your business telephony

Our VoIP solution revolutionizes the way you make business telephone calls. Not only can you be reached anywhere with a virtual telephone number, but you also benefit from the versatility of modern telephone traffic without the need for a physical landline. Flexamedia we ensure that our numbers work via the internet, which means that you can be reached both by landline and mobile with your business number.​

VoIP not only stands for good accessibility, but also for a range of additional functionalities. Consider transferring calls, setting opening hours and handling incoming calls via an online telephone exchange. The professionalism radiates, because your customers receive the feeling that they are dealing with a well-organized, modern company

Flexamedia even goes one step further by offering integration with WhatsApp Business in addition to the standard VoIP functions. This allows you to make and receive calls and send and receive WhatsApp messages via the same number, allowing your customers to reach you in multiple ways. .​

The convenience of a telephone number on your mobile

At Flexamedia we understand that entrepreneurs are not always in one place. That is why with our service you can easily receive your business number on your mobile phone. This way you are optimally accessible even on the road or during customer visits. You no longer have to worry worry about missed calls or bad connections, because our high-quality VoIP service guarantees that you are always in touch with your most important stakeholders.​

Our app is compatible with both iOS and Android, which means that almost every modern smartphone is suitable for using our platform. Imagine; You do not need an additional device, everything works the same as with your current mobile provider, but with the extensive functions and professionalism of a business number. That is the added value of Flexamedia.

Request a number and serve callers optimally

Customer service is central to Flexamedia, and you will also notice this when requesting your new business number. Our special web page for requesting numbers makes the process simple and transparent. And we go further than just providing a number; we also help you set up a system that allows you to provide your callers with the service they deserve.​

With features such as drop-down menus, queues, and the option to forward calls to multiple colleagues, you can ensure that your customers are always helped quickly and effectively. And not just within your own company, because thanks to the flexibility of VoIP you can you can even integrate external service centers or home workers under the same business number

Increase your company's footprint with a regional number

If your company is located in a specific region or city, having a local number can contribute to a strong local presence. Customers appreciate the local character and the recognizability of an area code with which they can identify. A 010 number for Rotterdam or an 020 number for Amsterdam can strengthen the local connection with your customers, while with an 085 number you create a national image.​

At Flexamedia we understand that every business is different. That's why we offer customization and ensure that your business number meets your needs, whether you are an SME, a self-employed person or a larger company. Unlimited calling for just € 21, three devices with unlimited calling, an IOS/Android app, and integration with WhatsApp Business are just some of the options we offer to optimally support you.​

Ready to optimize your company's telephone accessibility? Request a toll-free number or call us directly on 085 902 67 00 and we will arrange it for you quickly and efficiently!

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the advantages of your own business number?

Your own business number increases the professionalism and recognisability of your company. It separates private and work communication and makes your company more accessible. At Flexamedia you can enjoy benefits such as number portability, flexible call forwarding and the option to use all area codes, with a user-friendly IOS/Android app.​

2. Can I keep my current number if I switch to a business number with Flexamedia?

Certainly, number portability is a standard service at Flexamedia.​ You can seamlessly transfer your existing telephone number to use as a business number, so you don't miss out on customers and don't have to make an effort to communicate a new number.​

3. How quickly can my business number be active with Flexamedia?

If you register for a business number with Flexamedia, your number can be active within 24 hours. This ensures that you can start making and receiving business calls almost immediately after request.

4. Is it possible to forward calls to another device?

Absolutely, at Flexamedia we offer a flexible call forwarding function. This means that incoming calls to your business number can be forwarded to any extension or number of your choice, so that you always remain available to your customers.

5. Are there long contracts associated with a business number at Flexamedia?

Flexamedia works with monthly cancellable contracts, so you are not tied to long commitments. This offers you the flexibility to adapt the service to your changing business needs.

6. Can I apply for a business number as a self-employed person or small business person?

Both self-employed people and small business people can contact Flexamedia for a business number. Our services are designed to support companies of all sizes, with unlimited reliability and the convenience of the Flexamedia IOS/Android app.

7.​ Does Flexamedia support all area codes in the Netherlands?

Yes, Flexamedia supports all Dutch area codes. Regardless of where your business is located, you can choose a local or national number that suits your business identity.

8. Is a discount on connection costs available?

Flexamedia regularly offers promotions where new customers can benefit from a discount on connection costs. This makes the switch to your own business number even more attractive.

9. How can I manage my business number?

You can easily manage your business number via the easy-to-use Flexamedia IOS/Android app. You can control features such as voicemail, call forwarding and setting up call groups, all with a few simple clicks on your smartphone.

10. How do I request my own business number from Flexamedia?

You can request your own business number by going to our website and following the application process, or by clicking on the button below to start the application immediately.​ Our team is happy to help you find the perfect business telephony solution that fits at your company.​

Request your business number

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