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Workplace management for companies and individuals

Flexamedia offers workplace management for small businesses and institutions. your employees are provided with a workplace with ICT facilities. We install the right hardware and software for your company and your employees.

Workplace management for your company

Every workplace requires different ICT resources. In many companies this even differs per employee. Nevertheless, there is still too little attention for workplace management. In some sectors, this is even at the expense of employees' posture.

An ergonomic working posture is therefore becoming increasingly important. It is essential that your employees are provided with an appropriate workplace. Nowadays this requires just a little more focus than just an office with ICT facilities.

Workplace management for companies and individuals
Workplace management for companies and individuals

Business software

With our workplace management service we help many of our current customers with their company's software. Just like ours system management service we provide the computers with operating systems and install the correct software.

Think of ICT programs such as the Microsoft Office package, but also professional planning and accounting packages. In addition to installing, we also perform the updates of these programs.

We supply suitable computers and peripherals, so that the workplaces of your business premises are always equipped with the right IT resources. We connect all computers and peripherals.

We then ensure that all equipment is correctly connected to the network. We are also thinking of central facilities such as printers and scanners.

Do you have any questions about our workplace management service & services? Please feel free contact us.

Workplace management for companies and individuals