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Want to create a WordPress website? Tips and advice

Want to create a WordPress website? Tips and advice

Are you an entrepreneur planning to start a new website soon? Then you've come to the right place! Having a WordPress website made at Flexamedia provides you with various options to create more online awareness around your company in no time.

In addition, such a company website offers all kinds of options for independent entrepreneurs to, for example, achieve more turnover and brand awareness. For example, you can use exclusive themes and templates, which you will not find anywhere else on the internet.

Also features a WordPress website nowadays more and more about a mobile-friendly layout, also called responsive design named. This way your future visitors can reach the website from any screen. This way you not only create the most optimal user experience for yourself, but also for your future customers.

Make WordPress website

There are countless reasons why companies and entrepreneurs need a WordPress have a website made. WordPress is accessible software with which you can realize websites. Anyone in the world can use it for free.

You can think of WordPress as an effective software to manage your business website. In addition, you can still adjust your company's website without too much experience and perform some maintenance here and there.

WordPress is so-called open source software. This means that anyone can download and install the software for free on their new website. WordPress therefore offers an accessible option for creating and managing websites.

Find a WordPress website builder with experience!

As independent entrepreneur Of course you want to have a new WordPress website made, which then actually matches your target group. You want your future visitors to have the necessary interest in the service and services of your company. It is therefore important that you look for a WordPress website builder with preferably some experience.

Compared to other websites, letting creating a WordPress website namely making sure that you have limitless possibilities in the field of web design. Some independent entrepreneurs usually have more difficulty with this than others.

Do you have little experience with WordPress web design? Then Flexamedia offers help! Therefore, take it completely without obligation contact Contact us and ask about the possibilities.

Create a business WordPress website

If you work at Flexamedia have a new website made, we also immediately ensure that your WordPress website gets a professional look. This will undoubtedly give your future visitors more confidence in the service and services of your company.

Furthermore, we will provide each page with relevant keywords and professionally written SEO texts. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo will hopefully pick up the WordPress website a lot faster. The logical consequence of this is that your website will appear in Google search results fairly quickly.

The possibilities within WordPress are endless these days. The most important thing is of course that visitors to your website are satisfied. In the long run, this will guarantee more conversions.

Potential customers who have confidence in the service and services that your company offers, they are often a lot more inclined to pay for this.


Having a WordPress website made at Flexamedia is usually combined with a email package. Such a package offers various possibilities for entrepreneurs and companies. For example, think of:

  • Unlimited email address creation.
  • Automatically answer incoming mails.
  • Setting up an effective spam filter.
  • 5GB available storage space.


Beside it development Maintaining a WordPress website also takes quite a bit of time. In addition, some tasks sometimes require the necessary IT knowledge, so that not every user always has enough knowledge to perform these activities.

At Flexamedia we help our customers with the maintaining a WordPress website. For example, we make sure that future updates of themes and plugins are updated well in time, so that your precious time is no longer wasted.

Reliable web hosting

Once you decide a WordPress If you want to have a website made, you want to be assured of professional web hosting. Preferably one where you will not immediately be faced with financial surprises. Flexamedia has been providing a reliable hosting service to our customers for many years, without directly asking the top prize.

As a customer you receive the most important elements that you usually need for a successful website. You can think of, among other things:

As a customer, you can of course start creating your new WordPress website almost immediately. You have the option to use more than 300 applications that can help you with this.

In addition, you can manage the website completely free of charge via the Dutch information panel. Here you will find all kinds of important statistics that can help you optimize the website.


Want to create a WordPress website? Tips and advice
Want to create a WordPress website? Tips and advice

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