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Why have a business website made?

Why have a business website made?

More and more entrepreneurs are choosing to have a (business) website made for their company, but why do they do that? Today we will explain to you the advantages of having your own website and how you can best approach this.

Have a lot of potential made in a business website.

In 2017 there were no fewer than 4.156.932.140 internet users and this number has only increased in recent years. This provides a lot of scope for local businesses to grow without making a huge investment for things like a property. Besides the fact that we are all more and more on the internet, we also buy more and more online. We spent $2017 billion on the internet in 2345! And the end of the enormous growth is far from clear, in fact there will be fewer and fewer physical stores in the coming years. We are all outside much less compared to a few years ago. It is therefore no wonder that more and more entrepreneurs are also making their business digitally available to potential customers who are online or who come from another country/region.

Create a business website

Business website development


What about competition between Business websites?

Although more and more entrepreneurs have a website, they have no knowledge about how google's algorithm works, what is SEO, what is SEM, what is SMO. This of course offers advantages if you want to start, who wouldn't want to be one step ahead of their competition because they are simply too stubborn to hire someone who knows about it? That is why we have a team of professionals ready to get the best out of your company by means of a (business) website. Are you curious about some examples of well-built websites that have been put together by our team? Then click here ( ) to view our portfolio. You will see that we have already helped more than 300 companies build their website. Here ( ) you can read the reviews of 76 customers about how they experienced our services.

Work more efficiently with a business website

With a website you can do more work in less time and at a lower cost. Answering one e-mail requires much less time and costs than a written or telephone settlement. You can also reply to an e-mail at a time that suits you. You can also start building an email list through which you can reach hundreds and later even thousands of people to inform them of your promotions/products via something they check daily, their email. You can also put frequently asked questions on your website so that potential customers can be informed more quickly and possibly make the decision to do business with you.

Marketing analysis

Making an analysis for your marketing becomes much easier, because with a website you could show where a customer comes from, his age, his interests and how often a quote is requested / how often something is added to the shopping cart. These charts and statistics can give your company a better overview of your customers and whether you have made progress in recent times. It is even possible to see where you are losing the most customers so that you can tackle it better, something you will not notice in your physical store if you have not paid attention to it. These are just a few of the dozens of activities you can measure on a website and if you anticipate these parameters well, you will take your business to the next level.

Online business card

A website it is online business card of your company. It offers an opportunity for contact that allows potential customers to form an image of your company without you having to do anything. The website works 24/7 without needing a break. This can significantly increase the decision to do business with you. It also gives a professional image to the potential customer, which can make word of mouth more effective and strengthen it, so that your customer base will expand at an even higher rate.

Hosting and maintenance.

Two points that entrepreneurs stumble over in the beginning are hosting and maintenance. However, this is unnecessary because we can also help you with this. You pay hosting to keep your website online and it doesn't have to cost much at all, we offer hosting from 5,99 euros per month ( You will receive one SSL Certificate (for security of your site), 10GB SSD storage, backups of your site, unlimited email addresses and much more. In addition to hosting, we also offer to register your domain name ( ) that we can link to your website. We are also there for you in the field of maintenance ( ) so that you can better focus on other parts of your company that need your attention. Many entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of maintaining your website, which significantly increases the chance of a cyber attack, for example. It also regularly happens that when an algorithm update has been introduced, websites that used to have many visitors only have half or less left. To prevent such situations, it is very important to maintain your website by a professional to do.


Process for creating a business website.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, you can request a quote ( so that we can look together with you at what suits your company best, that can be a website with an extra focus on making sure it fits well with the Google algorithm or a website that focuses very much on a marketing funnel. It is all possible and with good consultation we will find out which options are best for you company without it taking too long. Or as one of our customers says: “Good service, always available, and quickly arranged.???”


Why have a business website made?
Why have a business website made?

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