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Unlimited calls with VOIP telephony

A fixed amount of € 19,99 per month without extra hassle!

Unlimited calls with VOIP telephony

€19,99 per month/unlimited calls

VOIP telephony offers you as an entrepreneur all kinds of new possibilities with regard to communication within your company. The abbreviation 'VOIP' stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. More and more entrepreneurs businesses and organizations opt for this method of telephony. Telephone calls can be made over the internet with the help of VOIP. If you want to use VOIP telephony, you have several options. You can choose to pay per minute, but you can also opt for an unlimited calling plan. In this blog we tell you everything about unlimited calling with VOIP telephony.

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Unlimited calls with VOIP telephony

Why is it smart to choose VOIP telephony?

It's not for nothing that more and more entrepreneurs, organizations and companies choose VoIP telephony. With the help of this way of telephony it is possible to organize your company better. You can effortlessly transfer an incoming call, you can welcome customers by leaving a welcome message and you can place customers in a queue when all lines are busy.

VoIP telephony is linked to a special app. With this app it is possible to call with you anywhere in the world own business number. All you need is a good, stable internet connection. In addition, it is no longer necessary to use your own number when calling customers, representatives or other business relations. In addition, you do not always have to take a business and a private telephone with you when you leave your workplace. So by choosing VoIP unlimited calling you can make calls very easily business and private separate and you are always reachable. Do you have a day off or are you on vacation? Then you can easily transfer the line to a partner, secretary or other employee. Are you self-employed? Then you set a message when you indicate that you are currently unavailable and by when this will be the case again. So it really couldn't be easier.

Carefree calling

In XNUMX, when entrepreneur It is of course important that you are easily accessible. In addition, it is for many entrepreneurs usual to call a lot. If this also applies to you, it is advisable to opt for unlimited calling with VOIP telephony. This way you can make carefree calls anytime, anywhere, and that for a fixed amount per month. Unlimited VOIP calls can be made to both fixed and mobile numbers. However, this only applies to telephone numbers in the Netherlands. In addition, there are additional costs associated with calling service numbers. These are not included with an unlimited VOIP telephony subscription.

When you choose VOIP telephony from Flexamedia you can set up your company's current telephone line in a customer-friendly way. In this way, every calling customer is answered on time. Can't answer a calling customer right away? Then it is possible to set up a queue so that he or she is always kept informed of his or her place in this queue. This way a calling customer always knows where he or she stands.

A total solution for your company
By choosing VoIP unlimited calling you create a total solution for your company. You can combine your fixed company number with your mobile number. This way you will never miss an incoming call. You are always reachable on one device where you can choose the telephone number on which you can be reached. It is always useful to have both a mobile number and a business number. However, a business number radiates more professionalism and confidence.
Two different bundles for unlimited calling

VoIP unlimited calling is available in different bundles. You can opt for a bundle that only allows you to call within the Netherlands, but you can also opt for a bundle that allows you to use VoIP telephony within all European countries. Which choice suits you best, of course, depends on your personal wishes and needs and on whether you often find yourself abroad.

Inform your customer
When you opt for VoIP unlimited calling, it is possible to inform your customer immediately the moment he or she contacts you. You can leave a welcome message in which you make it clear that the customer has come to the right address and will therefore indeed contact you. Does your customer call outside your opening hours? Even then it is good to inform your customer immediately. Indicate when you can be reached. Do you use an emergency number? Report this immediately. This way a customer feels heard and helped, even if you don't answer your phone right away. You can then choose whether to leave a message for the customer.
When your company is located in the The Hague region, you create confidence and radiate professionalism by requesting a 070 number. Of course, other means of communication are possible in addition to telephony, but telephony nevertheless remains popular.
Calling differently is more expensive
VoIP unlimited calling is an economical way of making calls. Calling with a landline is many times more expensive. It is not for nothing that more and more people choose to cancel their landline number. The income of fixed telephony for telecom providers have fallen sharply in recent years. On the other hand, VoIP telephone offers you many more options than other forms of telephony. Do you have a good internet connection? Then you can always call, no matter where you are at that moment. Even from the beach or from the terrace it is possible to make phone calls.
Voip Telephony with countless functions.

VOIP telephony offers all kinds of new possibilities for communication within your company. The abbreviation 'VoIP' stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.

Many companies and entrepreneurs nowadays opt for this, because telephone conversations can also take place via the internet.

With VoIP Telephony from Flexamedia you can undoubtedly set up your current telephone line in a customer-friendly way. In this way, every calling customer of your company will be helped on time in the future.

Unlimited calls with VOIP telephony

Business VoIP telephony from Flexamedia is all inclusive


There are various reasons why entrepreneurs choose VoIP telephony. This service offers, for example, the possibility to better organize your company. For example, you can effortlessly forward an incoming phone call to multiple numbers.

In addition, you can, for example, welcome customers with a welcome message. Are all lines busy at any one time? Then your customers will automatically end up in a queue.

Thanks to VoIP telephony, you can have a call forwarded to the secretariat during the day, while the breakdown service is called at night. Thanks to a mobile app you can call anywhere in the world with the landline number at your office.

Furthermore, every waiting caller is periodically informed about his or her place in the queue. At the end of the call, you can even let the caller hear a closing message.

Please feel free to contact us without obligation. We ensure that you no longer have to be annoyed by malfunctioning telephony, so that you can focus again on what really matters.

Unlimited calls with VOIP telephony
Unlimited calls with VOIP telephony

Business Unlimited calls with VOIP telephony


For a fixed amount per month you can make unlimited calls with VoIP telephony. With Flexamedia this is already possible from €20 per month. Do you want to know what benefits VoIP unlimited calling can provide for your company or organization? Please contact us. You can do this very easily by calling 070-3085508, by sending a message via our website or by using the chat function on our website. We are happy to serve you. You are of course always welcome at our office for a delicious cup of coffee or tea.