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Top 5 business tools for starting entrepreneurs

Top 5 business tools for starting entrepreneurs

Running a successful business is undoubtedly the ultimate dream of every starting entrepreneur. Flexamedia helps starting companies to make this dream a reality. That's why you'll find the best business tools below, which are guaranteed to get you off to a flying start with your new business.

The usefulness of business tools

Before we go straight into discussing the best business tools, it's important to shed some light on the idea behind them. As soon as you start with a company, you will soon notice that a lot is involved.

Certainly when you decide to hire staff, for example, sooner or later you will have to outsource certain time-consuming processes within your company. Otherwise you will of course no longer have any free time, because you are continuously busy with work-related matters.

Thanks to the business tools from the list below, you can organize, coordinate and optimize the most taxing activities within your company.

This way you can easily company off to a flying start without having to spend a lot of money on expensive software programs.

1. Wave accounting software for starting entrepreneurs

We kick off this list of the best business tools for starting entrepreneurs with 'Wave'. This accounting software combines various administrative tasks such as bookkeeping, invoicing and managing fixed assets.

In addition, Wave's innovative software ensures that you as a user have access to your business administration from anywhere. You can carry out various business processes in no time, including:

  • Track expenses
  • Check bank details
  • Purchase orders
  • Track expenses
  • Manage payroll

The system is clear and therefore user-friendly. By default, this software comes with a navigable dashboard.

2. Email Packages

An all-encompassing email package is undoubtedly one of the best business tools for start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs. Thanks to a business own email you usually enjoy all kinds of options, which will give your business e-mail traffic a big boost. For example, you can think of:

  • 5GB storage
  • Spam filter
  • Create unlimited email addresses
  • Synchronize with all company computers
  • Auto Reply

As a starting entrepreneur, are you interested in starting your own business? Email? Then you can start relatively cheaply at Flexamedia Business email address.

3. Can go

Canva has become one of the best business tools for budding entrepreneurs in recent years. Therefore, this online graphic design platform should definitely not be missing from this list of the best business tool for an efficient entrepreneurship.

As a user you can effortlessly design various formats of images, presentations and social media posts. In addition, Canva also offers the possibility to graphically design your company. You can choose from a wide range of templates for folders, logos and business cards.

The only disadvantage of this is that you often need to have some experience with graphic design. Of course you want to present a catchy logo to your potential target group. At the IT company Flexamedia, we have been helping our customers designing unique logos en professional business cards.

4. Have a website made

Before making a purchase these days, someone will often conduct a small preliminary online research. As a starting entrepreneur, you want to respond to this as well as possible by using a company website.

This way you can inform future customers extensively about the services and services of your company. In addition, you can, for example, give an ultimate presentation of your best products and hopefully make some more conversions with this.

Such a completely new have a website made is a time-consuming and complicated task for many start-ups. While a business website is one of the best business tools in the world, it's mostly the local companies and entrepreneurs who do not use a company website.

Selecting relevant keywords and optimizing pages for search engines such as Google and Yahoo is also skipped or not thought of.

For independent entrepreneurs, a website offers various possibilities to stimulate the growth of the company. Flexamedia is happy to help starting entrepreneurs with this. For a relatively low price you can get a professional have a website made.

This way you are assured of a reliable website with a user-friendly layout. We provide a responsive design so that you can visit the website with any smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop.

Let's say you might want a website for your business, but don't have the time to maintain the website. You can also count on the service of Flexamedia for this. In addition to creating unique websites for entrepreneurs, one of our services also consists of the maintaining company websites.

5. Mailchimp Email Marketing

The popular online platform called Mailchimp should definitely not be missing from this list of the best business tools for budding entrepreneurs. Mailchimp is also an effective solution for companies that do not have their email marketing in order.

Mailchimp is one of the best business tool for entrepreneurs because you can, for example, design email templates, automate follow-up emails and manage marketing campaigns.

As a user, you can send up to 12.000 emails per month via various email platforms and advertising channels with a free account. In addition, you can effortlessly set up and maintain an email list via Mailchimp.

For starters, the chance is very small that you will be sending so many e-mails in the near future. But hey, not shooting is always wrong. And suppose that your future company becomes incredibly popular in no time, then at least you are well prepared.

What is the best business tool for starters?

The best business tool for startup entrepreneurs consists not only of administrative software and reliable web hosting. As a starting company you need more to become really successful these days.

In addition, you will gradually encounter all kinds of obstacles. As a starter, for example, it can sometimes be extremely difficult to get your company off the ground at all. In addition, it is often quite a task to reach your target group, without having the right resources in-house.

As an entrepreneur you want professional and reliable happen, so that your future customers will really trust the service and services of your company. Flexamedia has it for starting entrepreneurs who have difficulty with the above matters complete entrepreneurial package called in life. A versatile solution that guarantees the success of any business.

Top 5 business tools for starting entrepreneurs
Top 5 business tools for starting entrepreneurs

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