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Add email account on an Android/Samsung

Click on settings and then cloud and accounts

Then click on accounts and add account, then select email

Then enter your email address with the corresponding password that you previously created in cpanel and click on sign up

Then select imap account

Make sure the username matches the email address. So do you have eg. info@flexamedia.nl? then your username is info@flexamedia.nl. If all is well, the email address and password will be filled in automatically, if not? Then fill it again 🙂

Then scroll down and you will see incoming server. Make sure that with imap incoming server is mail.yourdomainname.nl. If you have a name such as Fietsen.nl, your incoming mail server is: mail.fietsen.nl Make sure that the security type is SSL accept all certificates, and the port is 993.

If we scroll down a bit we see outgoing server. Also here we do the same only change the port number to 465. So use the same settings as incoming.

Make sure the check is on "Verification required for" and also enter the email address as username and the corresponding password for the email address, and then click on login.

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Add email account on an Android/Samsung

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