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Office 365 management

Get full support/support from a Microsoft Partner like Flexamedia. Create a win-win situation and let your office 365 be managed

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Office 365 management

What is Office 365?

Why Office 365?

For many companies office 365 is the basis of their workplace. On a daily basis, many different employees within various companies use the various applications of Microsoft Office 365. You can think of teams, word, powerpoint, excel and outlook. This immediately ensures that the expectations of the operation of these applications are high. For example, the ease of use and reliability of these applications is important, but so is security. After all, you don't want all kinds of confidential information out on the street.

Office 365 is also being expanded more and more so that the functionality of this software increases. But how can you make optimal use of these functionalities? This requires expertise, maintenance and knowledge. Office 365 management is important here. For the management of office 365 you can contact Microsoft itself, but the support from Microsoft itself is often minimal. Leave the management of office 365 to Flexa Media. This is because they have years of experience in first-class ICT management, including the management of Office 365.

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Fully outsource Office 365

The key to success in managing Office 365 starts with the right configuration. This is to keep the functionality of the various applications optimal. The Office 365 environment is constantly changing. This makes managing Office 365 even more complex. An incorrect setting or failure to install updates can lead to a number of risks. You can think of the wrong availability and insufficient security. For these reasons, it is important to outsource the management of Office 365 to a company that has broad technical knowledge and the associated experience.

Why outsource Office 365 management?

It is also possible to have Office 365 management carried out by Microsoft itself. However, we do not recommend this because of the minimal support you can expect from them. When you choose this, you are like entrepreneur or as an organization itself responsible for managing Office 365, the security and the implementation of the various applications. By choosing to manage office 365 by Flexa Media, we take care of management, implementation and security.

We are ready to provide all our customers with the right Office 365 management and for all other support questions. Also with regard to other IT-related matters. If you wish, we can do it all ICT management for your company or organization.

Back-up office 365

In addition to managing Office 365, we can also assist you in managing the entire IT environment of your company. Think, for example, of your Office 365 backup. This is also interesting when several employees are employed within your company. This way we can install all new computers within your company and provide them with the right software. Including Office 365 and the backup. This so that you can perform all your work not only on location, but also remotely. In addition, we ensure that the software is regularly updated. We are also ready when problems arise in the software.

So with us you can choose not only for Office 365 management, but also for complete IT management. This so that you can perform all your work properly at all times. And that too in a safe online working environment. It is important to outsource ICT management to ICT professionals who have sufficient knowledge and expertise. In addition, not only the right knowledge and expertise is important, but ICT management such as managing Office 365 also takes a relatively long time. This makes it better to outsource things like this.

Office 365 license via Flexamedia

Create a win-win situation and choose office management 365 from Flexa Media. Perhaps the Office 365 is functioning optimally for your company at the moment, but it can still happen that sooner or later you lack the right knowledge or expertise. By outsourcing the management of your Office 365 system, you can focus on what you are good at. We then ensure that you can carry out all your work properly within the Office 365 environment. This whether you want to carry out your work at the office or at home.

Working in the Cloud

Because nowadays you can safely store all your data in the cloud, it is becoming easier to work from home. It is important that you can make optimal use of all the possibilities that Office 365 entails. The moment you choose office 365 management by Flexa Media, you are assured of this. Also regarding it store safely We are happy to assist you with all kinds of data. It's still a nightmare after all entrepreneur facing network security threats and vulnerabilities.

Office 365 management
Office 365 management

Let Flexamedia manage your Office 365

Office 365 for Small business and freelancers

So if you use Office 365 within your company or organization, it is advisable to outsource the management of this. Flexa Media is happy to take responsibility for the optimal functioning of Office 365. This so that you always have a safe working environment where confidential data is always safe. We also ensure that the employees within your company can always perform their work optimally, so that they never have more data than necessary. Not all employees within your company or organization have the same powers.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to request a tailor-made quote, please do not hesitate to contact us. Give us a call, send us a message, or drop by for a cup of coffee. This so that we can answer all your questions.