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Small Business Network Management

Most entrepreneurs today cannot afford to hire an in-house network administrator. Flexamedia therefore takes over the management for small companies and institutions

Small Business Network Management

A network administrator has an important role within a company. This person ensures that hardware, operating systems and software are installed correctly. A system administrator will also adjust certain settings in such a way that the employees of your company can perform their work as efficiently and accurately as possible.

System administrators are therefore an important link within the IT department of a company. This person answers questions from employees and helps to solve all kinds of problems. Small business network management is done remotely so we can help as quickly as possible.

Network management
Network management

a Peripherals

Network management can make work easier for your employees in various ways. For example, consider peripherals such as printers and scanners. The moment we connect this equipment to your company's network, your employees can often work a lot more efficiently.

In addition, a professional network for small businesses For example, you can also effortlessly share information between different devices within your company. If necessary advise you We are happy to assist you with the purchase of these peripherals.


ICT management for small businesses from Flexamedia constantly monitors your network. Suppose problems arise, then we can intervene directly from a distance. We often solve problems before you actually notice them.

Want to know more about our network management service for small businesses and institutions? Please feel free contact up with us. We will help you as soon as possible!