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ICT management for companies
As a professional in the IT world, I recognize the challenges you may encounter. The complex issues, the rapid technological changes and the valuable time invested in managing IT management. It all becomes a challenge to us at some point. moment too many, and that is where IT outsourcing emerges as a golden solution. At Flexamedia we have had the privilege over the years to help countless companies relieve the burden of their IT management. From network management, server management to system management - everything falls under the broad umbrella of IT outsourcing. We notice that it not only reduces the workload, but also contributes to efficiency, business growth and innovation. Unburdening is central to IT outsourcing. It is a strategic step that saves you many hours of the night. can free up time behind the desk, so that you can fully focus on your core activities. Outsourcing IT management to an experienced party such as Flexamedia also means access to the latest technologies, up-to-date security measures and a team of experts who We are there for you 24/7. Has this introduction aroused your interest in outsourcing your ICT? Please do not hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation consultation. We have the expertise and passion to help you with this crucial step. Contact us to discuss the possibilities of IT outsourcing

If you have any questions or doubts, you can always reach us at or call 085 902 6700. We are ready to help you.

Why should you outsource IT management?

Whether you are a starting self-employed person in Rotterdam, a large small business company in Amsterdam or a retailer in Utrecht, ICT is the backbone of almost every company. We all depend on technology, but none of us has the time ( or often the expertise) to take care of that technology. That's why it can be a smart move to outsource your IT.

The benefits of outsourcing IT

  • Better focus on your core tasks: Outsourcing your IT management frees up more time to focus on your main activities
  • Access to specialist knowledge: You benefit from the help and support of specialists in system administration and network management
  • Cost-effective: With a fixed amount per month you do not have to make large investments in ICT equipment and maintenance.​
  • More certainty: Through thorough IT security and regular backups, we ensure that your company information is safe.​

How does outsourcing system management work at Flexamedia?

We are usually more than just the system administrator for self-employed and small business companies. We are also advisors, trainers and problem solvers. Outsourcing your system administration means that you always have someone to lean on when technology becomes a challenge.

  • Step 1: Contact us at info@flexamedia.​nl or call us on 085 902 6700.​
  • Step 2: We discuss your current IT situation, your business goals and how we can play a role in this
  • Step 3: When you choose our services, we start with an audit to determine the current state of your IT and understand what can be improved.​
  • Step 4: We implement the agreed solutions and continue to support you with business telephony, ICT security, backup and more

When you choose Flexamedia, you choose a reliable partner in ICT. Our expert ICT specialists are always ready to help you.

More than just outsourcing network management

You will find more at Flexamedia than just network management. We are a one-stop shop for all your IT needs, including business telephony, business email, IT security, cloud solutions and much more. A good example of our broad spectrum of services is our “Office 365 management”. Not only do we take care of the installation and maintenance of your Office 365 package, we also provide regular upgrades and 24/7 support. Interested in how this can help your business operations to optimize? Then click here to read more about it Outsource Office 365.​ We involve you in this process and explain everything, every step of the way.​ No technical jargon, just clear and honest communication.​

ICT workplace management: more than just technology

When we talk about IT management, we are talking about more than just computers. We are also talking about people. At Flexamedia we believe that technology is there to support people, not to frustrate them. That is why our approach is for ICT workplace management, very people-oriented.​ Are you curious about how you can benefit from outsourcing ICT workplace management? Then take contact us We are happy to help you. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on 085 902 6700 or send an email to We would love to hear from you! Want to learn more about our services?

Frequently asked questions

1. What exactly is IT outsourcing?

Outsourcing IT means that at Flexamedia we take full responsibility for your information technology, systems and security. This includes system management, network management, business telephony and email, cyber security and much more. It's like having your own IT department , but without the additional costs and headaches

2. Why would I want to outsource my IT?

There are many reasons why companies choose to outsource their IT. One of the most important advantages is that you get access to IT specialists with a wide range of experiences and knowledge. At Flexamedia we use advanced technologies - such as cloud computing – which can help you work more flexibly and efficiently and save costs

3.​ Small companies can also benefit from ICT outsourcing?

Absolute! Outsourcing is not just for large companies. At Flexamedia we have tailor-made solutions for small businesses and self-employed people. They can enjoy the benefits of their own IT department for a fixed amount per month.

4. How can I trust that my data will remain safe?

We take cybersecurity very seriously at Flexamedia. That's why we have strict protocols and systems, such as encryption and firewalls, in place that protect your data. We also offer comprehensive backup solutions, in case a problem ever occurs.

5. What if I need IT support for office hours support?

We understand that things don't always work within office hours. That's why at Flexamedia we also offer remote assistance, so that we can support you at any time if a problem arises.

6. Can I count on you for software like Office365?

Of course! Our services also include management and support for Office365. Whether you need help installing, using or troubleshooting Office365, we are ready to help you.

7.​ Does Flexamedia also offer advice and consultancy in connection with my ICT strategy?

Yes, at Flexamedia we work closely with you, not only to manage your existing infrastructure, but also to provide strategic advice and guidance. Whether it's planning your future IT needs or helping with decisions about upgrades and new technologies, we are ready to help

8. What happens if I outsource my IT management to Flexamedia?

If you choose to outsource your IT management to us, we essentially take over all aspects of your IT environment. This means that we are responsible for maintaining, updating, securing and optimizing your IT systems and services.​ And of course we are always there to help you if problems arise.​

9.​ Does Flexamedia also help with network management?

Absolute! Network management is a crucial part of our ICT services. We ensure that your network remains efficient, secure and up-to-date, and that your company can benefit from the most advanced network technologies.

10. What other services does Flexamedia offer?

At Flexamedia we offer a wide range of ICT services. This includes everything from business telephony to cyber security and from remote support to cloud and backup solutions. Think of us as your one-stop shop for all your ICT needs.​

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