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Design business cards at Flexamedia!

At Flexamedia you can design professional business cards at a great rate. Despite the rise of online alternatives, the old familiar business card is still indispensable. Professional business cards leave something tangible of your company behind.

Zo make you a professional guaranteed impression on your potential customers. Moreover, this allows you to distinguish yourself much better from the competition. Your new business card is also the perfect opportunity to businesses see what your company stands for.

Do you have too little time for this yourself, or are you busy with other things for you company? Then don't worry! Thanks to Flexamedia's complete entrepreneurial package, your company assured of online success!

Design unique business cards

At Flexamedia we design unique custom business cards. Hereby we use your existing logo and color scheme. If you don't have a logo and color scheme yet, we can make these for you to design.

We make a professional and stylish design for both sides of the business card. In this way we ensure that your business card stands out among the cards of your competitors.

Flexamedia designs double-sided business cards. If desired, we can also add some extra elements to your business card. Think of a photo, QR code or a card. All of this we make a beautiful whole that late see what your company stands for.

business cards
business cards

Free home delivery

Have your business cards designed at Flexamedia? Then you will immediately receive 1000 pieces from us, so that you can move forward again. These are printed on both sides on beautiful and sturdy paper. Depending on your wishes, you can choose matte or glossy paper. The business cards are then delivered free of charge to your home or office.

Do you need business cards for your business? You can get these at Flexamedia have it designed and printing from € 90. Do you want to have even more business cards designed, or do you want to have the same design for all employees of your company? businesses?

This is no problem at all with Flexamedia. We like to think along with our customers, so that they are always helped quickly and professionally. Feel free to ask any questions contact without obligation.