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Business telephony for 1 fixed price per month.

Business fixed telephony

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Business telephony with countless voip solutions.

When you are working as an entrepreneur, you naturally want to appear as professional and reliable as possible. You can ensure this in a number of ways. In the first place, it is of course important that you as a person are professional and reliable, but have you also thought about fixed telephony for business?

As a entrepreneur it is important to be easily accessible. This does not mean that you can only be reached via the e-mail and through social media. For you as an entrepreneur It is also important that you can be reached by telephone. This can be with a 06 number, but if you are really professional and reliable want to come across, it is smart to immerse yourself in fixed telephony for business. On this page you can read why fixed telephony business for you as an entrepreneur is so important now.

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Keep business and private life separate with our VoIP solution.

A advantage of fixed telephony business is that it is easier for you as an entrepreneur to keep business and private life separate. When you start using your private phone for business purposes, you will see that your work never stops. Customers will certainly know where to find you and can also text or call you in the evenings or at the weekend. The messages you receive privately and professionally will also become mixed up. By opting for fixed telephony for business, you increase the professionalism of your company and it becomes easier to maintain structure.

Optimal accessibility with VoIP calling

By choosing fixed telephony business you are optimally accessible. This way you never suffer from an empty battery of your smartphone and you always have range. If you only opt for mobile telephony, you may find yourself in a location where the range is not optimal. You can also place a customer in a queue when you choose a fixed telephone number. This is not possible with a 06 number. When two people call the fixed telephone number at the same time, you can, for example, choose to forward a call to a colleague.

Business telephony provides more reliability and professionalism

For you as an entrepreneur It is important that you come across as reliable and professional. You can do this perfectly with our Business telephony from Flexa Media. Research has shown that a fixed telephone number simply inspires more confidence than a 06 number. People are more likely to opt for a company with a fixed telephone number than for a company with only a 06 number. For many people, a 06 number arouses a certain form of mistrust. So choose fixed telephony for business when you entrepreneur professional and want to be reliable.

Easily scale up or down with our Small business VoIP telephone exchange

If you want to grow your business, it is smart to opt for fixed business telephony. The moment you choose to purchase a complete number block, you can easily scale up when the number of employees working within your company increases. The opposite is of course also possible. When the number of employees working within your company decreases, you can easily forward telephone numbers that are no longer used to the general telephone number of your company. If a customer always contacts a regular employee via a 06 number, there is a good chance that this customer will continue to do so in the future, even though this employee may have started working for one of your competitors.

Choose whether or not you are reachable

The moment you opt for fixed telephony for business, you are in control of the availability. Are you free in the evenings, are you on vacation or do you have an important business appointment? Then you set an out of office message on the landline. You can also choose to forward incoming calls to a colleague. This is not always possible with a 06 number. Of course you also do not want to completely switch off your private telephone, since you will then no longer be available to friends and family.

With our Hosted telephony you do not need a telephone in the office.

By choosing fixed telephony for business you will see that the production you make on a working day will increase. If you always use your smartphone, you will see that you regularly pick up your phone to read incoming messages or to check your social media channels. You can of course choose to completely switch off your smartphone when you are busy with important things, but this can also be disastrous. You are then no longer reachable at all. If you then have fixed telephony for business, you can easily forward incoming calls on your smartphone to the fixed line and you will not be distracted by all kinds of incoming notifications on your smartphone.

Business fixed telephony

Business telephony has many advantages.

As you have been able to read, fixed telephony offers business you as an entrepreneur many advantages. In addition to being reachable on a fixed telephone number, many entrepreneurs also opt for reachability on a 06 number. If you also want this, it is wise to purchase a business 06 number so that you can be sure that you can keep business and private life separate at all times. 

Fixed telephony business via Flexamedia

When you opt for fixed telephony for business via Flexamedia, you will benefit from other advantages in addition to the above-mentioned advantages. We offer VoIP telephony. The moment you choose this option, you can use business telephony anywhere in the world with the help of an app. Also, a caller who is placed in the queue is always informed about his or her position in the queue. You can also welcome customers who call by setting a personal welcome message. Call forwarding to other telephone numbers is also possible with VoIP telephony. 

Would you like to know more about fixed telephony for business from Flexamedia? Please feel free to contact us without obligation. We ensure that you are optimally accessible and that you can focus on what is important to you. There is nothing more annoying than getting annoyed by poorly working ones telephony.

Multiple numbers

Do you want several Request 085 numbers? You can.​ You can choose different numbers such as fixed numbers. With a fixed 085 number you can distinguish yourself from other companies. People know that they can reach you on a fixed number, which increases the reliability of your company. Our VoIP system also makes it possible to use Whatsapp Business on your fixed telephone number so that you can keep an overview of all your messages.​

Business fixed telephony