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All the benefits of a fixed number on mobile

All the benefits of a fixed number on mobile

Do you want to be available anytime, anywhere? Then a fixed number on mobile is definitely recommended. Previously, fixed telephones used an ISDN line and a physical telephone exchange. Not very handy when you're on the road or prefer to work where you want to work. This does not necessarily have to be at the office, of course, but you can also work on a terrace, from a sunny resort or from your own garden. But here it is for you if entrepreneur It is important that you are available when needed. In recent years, there have been several developments within the telephony occurred. Nowadays it is possible to make calls via VoIP. You no longer need a fixed ISDN line for this.

Calling via the cloud

With VoIP you can make calls via a secure internet connection. You no longer need to use a physical telephone exchange, but you simply call via the cloud. By making use of VoIP telephony you can install a landline number on your mobile. This makes it possible for you as an entrepreneur to better organize your company. You would prefer to keep business and private life separate, but you are not always at the office and it is important that you can be reached by phone. Of course you can always choose to use a mobile number as business have a phone number. However, this is not so professional. Research has shown that you have a more professional and reliable appearance when you landline telephone number features.

Another advantage of VoIP

Another advantage of a landline number on mobile using VoIP is that you can create a total solution for your company. You can combine the landline number with your mobile number. This way you will never miss a call again. You are always reachable on one device. In addition, you can also choose whether you call with the landline number, or whether you call with your mobile number. This provides you with a lot of conveniences. Do you not want the incoming calls on the landline number to arrive on your mobile? Then you can easily forward it to a colleague. After all, everyone has important appointments or holidays from time to time.

Calling with a landline is more expensive

Landline calls have become quite a bit more expensive in recent years. Fixed telephony is being used less and less by private individuals, as a result of which the income for the various telecom providers also decreased. On the other hand, mobile calling has become increasingly cheaper in recent years. Nowadays you can take out telephone subscriptions where you can make unlimited calls for a certain amount per month. You can even already free calls when you have a good one has an internet connection. All this has ensured that fixed telephony is no longer so popular.

Fixed number is indispensable

Although more and more private individuals are choosing to cancel their fixed telephone line, this certainly does not apply to companies. A landline number is often indispensable for many companies and organizations. A landline number simply comes across as more reliable and professional than a mobile number, and in addition, a landline number still has more advantages for business than a mobile number. For example, with a landline number you can often set a menu for callers, you can enable a queue and you can easily transfer.

The conclusion is that for you as an entrepreneur a fixed number is actually indispensable. However, you do not have to incur unnecessarily high costs for this. By choosing a fixed number on mobile, these costs remain low. You then benefit from the advantages of a fixed number, but at the same time you benefit from the advantages of calling via a secure network connection.

get used to it

It is of course very important for you as an entrepreneur to be reachable. There are, however, limits to this when you are enjoying a well-deserved holiday or during the weekend, of course you do not always have to be reachable. But when you are on the road or staying abroad for business, it is of course important to be available to customers. To for this reason it will certainly occur from time to time that you provide your mobile phone number. After all, you want to be able to serve your customers. However, this mobile phone number may be your private mobile phone number. This cannot of course be the intention. After all, there are also limits to entrepreneurship.

Fortunately, a fixed number on your mobile is also possible, so that you no longer have to provide a mobile phone number to customers. This of course takes some getting used to since you were used to all those phone calls that came in on your private number. You will see that when you choose a fixed number on mobile, you are so used to this and you actually come to the conclusion that you should have done this much earlier.

Landline number on mobile via Flexamedia

Do you want to know what advantages a fixed number on mobile can have for you as an entrepreneur? Then we are happy to help you at Flexamedia. You can contact us by phone, email or via the chat function on our website. We can ensure that you no longer have to get annoyed by a bad telephone connection and it also makes it easier for you as an entrepreneur to organize your company better. When you opt for a fixed number on mobile via us, this is already possible for € 21 per month. This is of course much cheaper than if you take out a mobile subscription with a telecom provider that allows you to make unlimited calls. So contact us quickly and discover what we can do for you in the field of a fixed number on mobile.

All the benefits of a fixed number on mobile
All the benefits of a fixed number on mobile

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