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Additional tips and advice for registering a domain name

Additional tips and advice for registering a domain name

Accessible method

Registering a cheap domain name with Flexamedia is usually done within a few minutes. After payment via iDeal you can often start setting up your new website or webshop the same day.

It is therefore no longer necessary to sign all kinds of documents and then return them. Nowadays you will be the proud owner of a completely new one in no time domain. You can check and change this information afterwards via the customer panel.

Would you rather have the new domain name registered at our office? Feel free to come by, because this is of course no problem at all. While enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, we briefly discuss the details, while one of our colleagues checks whether the desired domain name is still available.

Additional tips and advice

Before you immediately get a cheap If you want to register a domain name, it is important to ask yourself which target group you want to reach with the website or webshop. Choosing an appropriate domain name is essential here.

This choice is so important because you are a company or self-employed entrepreneur want to address your target audience with this. That is why it is best to use your company name as a domain name, because your potential customers can immediately see that the website actually belongs to the company or institution they are looking for.

In addition, it is important that your domain name is clearly legible and easy to spell. You want to prevent someone from accidentally making a spelling mistake and not ending up on your website, but on the website of your competitor.

Furthermore, a short and descriptive name often works better than a long domain name with several words. A short domain name works better because your target audience can remember it much better. In addition, a descriptive name is more likely to be clicked in the results of search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

This last tip is especially intended for the local entrepreneurs among us. Do you want to create more brand awareness in your region by means of a company website? Then try to process the name of your place of residence in the domain name. With this you immediately let search engines know that you are relevant to a certain region and you will usually rise faster in the search results.

Domain name registration costs

At Flexamedia you can buy for only € 7,99 per year register a new domain name! By the way, you don't have to take secret hassle and / or small letters into account! We make sure that our customers are never surprised with extra costs.

For these reasons, for example, we do not use a tacit extension. If your domain name is about to expire, we will of course let you know in time.

Would you like to know more about registering a cheap domain name with Flexamedia? Please feel free contact on with us!

Additional tips and advice for registering a domain name
Additional tips and advice for registering a domain name

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