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IT Security

Why IT security is important to you as an entrepreneur

A harmless virus can cause your computer to stop doing what you want it to do in no time. This is also the reason why IT security is becoming increasingly important. This applies not only to private individuals, but also to you as an entrepreneur! There is hardly any company left that does not use a computer.

In addition to an innocent virus, it is also possible that you will be confronted with cybercrime. If this is the case and you are in possession of privacy-sensitive data, this can cost you dearly. It is possible that hackers can find out your bank details or all kinds of other important data that you have stored in the cloud.

IT security

What exactly is IT security?

IT security is the protection of computers, servers, networks, electronic systems, mobile devices and data against harmful data. This type of security is important for various purposes. From a complete business environment to just your own mobile computing. ICT security is a broad way of securing and consists of various components. These parts are as follows:


  • application security: this way of IT security is aimed at protecting of devices and software against certain threats. An application that is infected with a virus or has been hacked can provide access to various data.
  • network security: this type of security is aimed at securing an entire computer network against intruders.
  • operational security: this type of security consists of the processes and decisions related to the processing and protection of data files.
  • disaster recovery: especially large companies have policies that focus on disaster recovery. It describes how a company can recover its operations and data after a virus or hack.
IT security
IT security
Why is it smart to invest in IT security now?

Perhaps you are wondering why it is now smart to invest in ICT security from Flexamedia. You have a good virus scanner and use different passwords. Nevertheless, it is important to take stock and to consider whether investing in ICT security can be a good investment. When you are hit as an entrepreneur with, for example ransomware can it cost you more money to recover from such an attack than it would have cost you if you had invested in ICT security in time. Ransomware is a type of cybercrime in which you are extorted after your digital environment or files have been provided with a code that you do not know. The person responsible for this ransomware do you only want to give this code when you pay an amount of money.

Maybe as an entrepreneur you don't do anything with personal data at all and you don't think you can do it so quickly target of hackers will be. Nothing could be further from the truth. You don't even have to be the direct target to become a victim of cybercrime, and it doesn't matter at all whether or not you have privacy-sensitive customer data in your possession.

Whatever you do as an entrepreneur company it always makes sense to invest in IT security. Below we have listed the 5 most important reasons for you.

Attacks are not aimed specifically at you, but you can fall victim to them

Most attacks carried out by hackers and cyber criminals are easy attacks. These are automated attacks that anyone can fall victim to if the IT security is not in order. This applies to both companies and organizations as well as for individuals. You can arm yourself very easily against this. By choosing secure settings, using strong passwords, keeping software up-to-date and making regular backups, you reduce the chance of becoming a victim of a cyber attack. When you opt for ICT security by Flexamedia, we provide these backups on a regular basis without you having to do anything yourself.

You always have something to lose

Many entrepreneurs think too easily about the impact of cybercrime. The damage can be high if you fall victim to this. What if you suddenly can no longer access your customer data or send orders? Reputational damage can also be the result of cybercrime. It will happen to you that all personal data of your customers will be exposed. The confidence of your customers will drop sharply as a result. Every entrepreneur has something to lose. Whether you have a large company or a smaller company. It is therefore always smart to invest in ICT security.

Make sure your business doesn't come to a standstill

As an entrepreneur, you do not want your company to come to a standstill. However, this can be the case if you fall victim to a ransomware attack. You will then no longer be able to access your data unless you pay the criminal behind this attack a large sum of money. It is very important to prevent this. When your company comes to a standstill, your fixed costs will continue. After all, you just have to pay your staff and pay the rent of your business premises. So make regular backups or opt for ICT security from Flexamedai. We unburden you in the field of securing the complete IT environment of your company.

You are obliged to take measures thanks to the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) obliges you as an entrepreneur to handle privacy-sensitive data safely and responsibly. Exactly what measures you need to take depends on the type of data you collect. In any case, you should always limit access to personal data for your employees as much as possible. You will also have to ensure a secure storage of this data and you will have to enforce strong passwords when using a customer portal. If you want to know exactly which measures you need to take with regard to the GDPR, you can find everything about it on the internet.

IT security should be at the heart of your company


In recent years, the use of all kinds of digital applications has increased considerably. This will only increase further in the future. However, this also involves risks such as viruses, hacking and other forms of cybercrime. Precisely for this reason, it is important that ICT security is part of the foundation of your company. Is the IT security of your company not yet in order or are you in doubt about this? Please contact us. We are happy to serve you.