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Outsource IT management

Do you want to outsource all activities related to the ICT of your company or organization to a reliable ICT manager? Then look no further. Flexamedia is a full service ICT company that specializes in the most efficient use of ICT systems within small companies and organizations.

ICT management for companies in The Hague and surroundings

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What exactly does IT management entail?

All activities within a company or organization related to IT belong to ICT management. Think of hardware, software, maintenance and security. Once an ICT environment has been set up, it is important that this environment functions optimally. This allows you to run your company or employees to carry out their work. ICT management can be divided into different categories:

Technical ICT management

Technical ICT management includes everything that has to do with maintaining, renewing and securing the ICT within a company or organization. Think of wireless networks and stable internet connections, for example.

Application management

Application management also falls under ICT management. Think of managing a document management system or a CRM system. With the help of application manager it is possible that the software you use as entrepreneur used to function optimally and is always up-to-date.

Functional ICT management

Functional ICT management is often also referred to as business information management. Business information management ensures that the information provision is and remains available and that action is taken if necessary. Think of performing maintenance or replacing certain software or hardware.

ICT management for companies in The Hague and surroundings

Why is ICT management outsourced?

Manage IT yourself or outsource it?

ICT can sometimes be quite complex. There is nothing more annoying than that (minor) ICT problems occur during the day. Think of slow software, bad network connections, blue screens, etc. Especially when ICT is not the field in which you are active as an entrepreneur, it is advisable to opt for ICT management. Not just because you have something else to do than constantly solving ICT problems. ICT is in continuous development. Software updates are the rule rather than the exception and new applications sometimes appear sooner than you think.

Software updates and installing new applications are often necessary to perform your work as efficiently as possible. Choose to outsource IT management and leave this kind of business to a professional. This allows you to keep focusing on what matters to you and what you are good at.

Outsource IT Management

Nevertheless, outsourcing IT management is recommended. There are plenty of reasons why you should do this.

Benefits of outsourcing IT management

In addition to the fact that outsourcing ICT ensures that you can focus on what you are good at, it also offers you other benefits:

● it is cost effective: by outsourcing your ICT to Flexamedia you can save a lot of costs. After all, you don't have to hire a separate ICT or helpdesk employee.
● better security: do you opt for ICT outsourcing? Then any cyber-attacks and malfunctions are detected and resolved more quickly before they have the chance to actually cause damage.
● make use of a lot of knowledge and experience: as a full-service ICT company, we at Flexamedia have more than the necessary knowledge and experience when it comes to ICT management. Do you outsource the ICT of your company or organization to us? Then you can use this. We are always aware of the latest technologies and trends when it comes to ICT.
● increase your own production: because you can focus on what you are good at when you opt for ICT management, you make more production yourself. This also applies to any employees you employ. ICT problems are tackled and remedied where necessary so that everyone who works within your company or organization can perform his or her work as efficiently as possible.

Outsource IT management costs

The rate you pay to an external party for outsourcing your IT management is often higher than the hourly rate of an IT employee employed. However, when you choose to outsource IT management to Flexamedia, you are much cheaper. With us you only pay when we actually do something for you. And that is certainly not daily and perhaps not weekly. As a result, you may already be helped with a few hours per year, which means that you are much cheaper than if you appoint an IT employee within your company.

Many small businesses do not have enough capital to hire a permanent system administrator. This is exactly why Flexamedia helps smaller entrepreneurs with their system management. A system administrator fulfills an important task within a company. However, the work of such a system administrator costs a lot of time, so it is better to outsource the system management of your company to an external party.

What does a system administrator take care of?

When you choose to outsource IT management to Flexamedia, we ensure that all operating systems, hardware and software installed correctly and regularly updated. In addition, we adjust settings in the current IT system if necessary. This makes it possible for you and your employees to work as accurately and efficiently as possible. Our system administrators are the main point of contact for everything that has to do with IT within your company or organization.

We answer IT-related questions remotely and help where necessary. We try to carry out the IT management remotely as much as possible so that we can help you as quickly as possible. If it is necessary that we have to visit you on location, this is of course also no problem. We are happy to assist you.

Also for IT security

When you choose to outsource IT management, we also immediately recommend that you opt for IT security. You can also leave this to Flexamedia with confidence. IT security is becoming increasingly important today. This applies not only to companies, but also to individuals. More and more entrepreneurs are becoming victims of cybercrime. It is important that all your company data well secured to be. After all, you don't want all kinds of privacy-sensitive data of your customers to just end up on the street. So think carefully about what if entrepreneur is important.


Even if you have been working as an entrepreneur for a long time, it is important to regularly take stock. You may be able to spend a lot more time on your business if you outsource certain tasks. Or maybe you can spend a lot more hours with your family if you leave some things to a professional. After all, you can't be good at everything. Do you only choose to outsource IT management? Or do you immediately opt for watertight IT security?

Customized IT management

When you opt for ICT management, you naturally want the ICT of your company or organization to be managed as optimally as possible. At Flexamedia you can rely on this. We offer tailor-made IT management. We ensure that patches, updates and other matters are carried out on time. In addition, we try to tackle ICT problems as much as possible. Do these problems unexpectedly occur? Then we make sure they disappear just as quickly as they came. All ICT activities will be carried out remotely as much as possible. Do you still need one of our employees to visit you? Then this is of course always possible.

Thanks to our proactive approach, we are able to solve problems before you even notice. You can always contact us with all your questions related to IT. We believe it is important to provide you with the very best service. Our service is flexible, which means we are often able to answer your questions the same day. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Then contact us without obligation.

We are ready to provide all our customers with the right Office 365 management and for all other support questions. Also with regard to other IT-related matters. If you wish, we can do it all ICT management for your company or organization.

ICT management for companies in The Hague and surroundings
ICT management for companies in The Hague and surroundings

Let Flexamedia manage your ICT

Why choose to outsource ICT to Flexamedia?

There are many different reasons why it is advisable to outsource your ICT to Flexamedia, but we have listed the most important ones below:

  • more than 10 years of experience in managing the ICT environments of freelancers and small businesses.
  • fixed price agreements and complete security
  • we work every day with a broad smile on our face. Nothing is too much for us. We are happy to give you the right advice and think along with you.

Do things like this appeal to you and do you want to know what we can do for you with regard to ICT management? Then please contact us.