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Request a 070 number for a professional image of your company

A fixed amount of € 21 per month without extra hassle!

070 request number

€21 per month/unlimited calls

Are you an entrepreneur and is your company located in the The Hague region? Then check whether requesting a 070 number is something for you. By applying for a 070 number, you give your company a more professional appearance than if you only have a 06 number. By choosing a regional area code, you attract customers in the region in which your company is located.

Of course, you can't just request an area code when your company is located in the The Hague region. This is also possible if your company is located in a different region. However, in this blog we tell you everything about applying for a 070 number, so we focus on applying for an area code in the The Hague region.

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Mobile app

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Opening hours

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070 request number

No fixed connection required 

You want if entrepreneur of course, always exude professionalism and inspire confidence with (potential) customers. You can do this in different ways, but if your company is located in the The Hague region, it is definitely worth applying for a 070 number. By the way, you have for such a number not necessarily a fixed connection required.

There are providers that have an app that you can install on your smartphone without any problems. This means you can use the 070 number wherever you are. In addition, you can also use the 070 number via such a special app. By requesting an area code you not only radiate professionalism and confidence, but you can also do business quickly and flexibly wherever you are at that moment.

Where do you request a 070 number?

You can request a 070 number from various providers. But if you want to take advantage of a more than good service, you can of course do this via Flexa Media. When you request the number through us, we also offer you the option of VoIP telephony at. This abbreviation stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.

This is increasingly being chosen as it allows you to make telephone calls via the internet. And this also with your 070 number. The advantages of VoIP telephony are listed below:

  • unlimited calling
  • mobile app
  • call recording
  • music on hold
  • queue function
  • opening hours

Are you working as an entrepreneur and is your company located in the region? The Hague? Please contact us and choose to request a 070 number.

Attract local customers with a 070 number

Do you work as an entrepreneur and would you prefer to be in the region The Hague operate with your company? Then be sure to request a 070 number. Many people go locally search to that one service or that one product. This also applies to people residing in the The Hague region.

By having a 070 number as an entrepreneur, you radiate a bit of recognition. People from the area around The Hague will then be more inclined to contact you than when you use a national number or a 06 number.

Organize better

By requesting a 070 number, it becomes easier for you as an entrepreneur to better organize your company. You want if entrepreneur be easily accessible for your customers, but you also want to be able to be unavailable for a while. After all, as an entrepreneur you also have the right to relaxation and you sometimes don't want to think about your company or engage yourself with your business.

When your company is located in the The Hague region, you create trust and radiate professionalism by requesting a 070 number. Of course, other means of communication are possible in addition to telephony, but telephony nevertheless remains popular.

Other communication methods

In addition to telephony, there are various other means of communication for you as an entrepreneur that you can use. You can think of chat options via social media channels, whatsapp and Email. Nevertheless, many (potential) customers prefer to contact them by telephone. This is partly because they receive a quick answer to any questions or problems by means of telephone contact, so that they quickly know where they are to be up to.

In addition, telephone contact is of course also a lot more personal than the contact you have with customers via other communication methods. So make sure that you are easily accessible as an entrepreneur. Is your entrepreneur located in the The Hague region? Then request a 070 number. Such an area code creates much more confidence than a standard 06 number.

Which region does area code 070 belong to?
- The Hague
– Wassenaar
- Scheveningen
– Loosduinen
– Rijswijk (South Holland)
– Voorburg
– Leidschendam

Reachable everywhere with your 070 number

The moment you request a 070 number as an entrepreneur, this does not necessarily mean that you can only be reached when you are in your office space or other type of business space. You can also use this number on your mobile phone.

Should you request the 070 number from a provider that does not have an app with which you can call and app? Then you can of course always forward the number to your mobile phone, or to the phone of one of your employees or spokespersons when you are absent.

070 request number

You can request a 070 number for these places

As you have already read on this page, you can request a 070 number for your company as soon as it is established in the The Hague region. This also includes the towns of Rijswijk, Voorburg, Wassenaar and Leidschendam.

Applying for a 070 number ensures that the location of your company is known. This of course in contrast to when you use an ordinary 06 number. This is of course also nice when customers from the The Hague region are looking for the services that you offer as an entrepreneur. They will then be more inclined to contact you if you have a 070 number. A number like this also provides a bit of recognizability.